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How to amended police report? Do i need lawyer?

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While I believe you must be the same person whose question I already answered, I do suggest you get a traffic lawyer (they are pretty inexpensive) to guide you through this process. However, most police departments allow someone who was originally involved in making a report to amend them or change them to some extent or to correct some information. It varies depending upon the department, the type of report, and the type of information being changed. I've had situations where a father and son came in to report a collision and they had the exact same name and the police mistakenly wrote down the information for the wrong one so they just went back to the station to correct the error.

Stephen L. Hoffman
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You have to go to the police agency who took the original report. Whether they are willing to prepare a supplemental report is up to them.


If the amendment is simply to correct a basic factual discrepancy, you can typically do it at the police station. You dont "sue" to amend a police report, they are often of little significance but can be helpful/hurtful depending on the mistake. Chances are you can do this without paying for counsel.


Ask the police officer who wrote the report, but reports usually don't get amended.

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