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How to amend/correct Clerk's Transcript on Appeal (limited)?

Los Angeles, CA |

What's procedure for amending/correcting the Clerk's Transcript on Appeal?? Also, aren't motions filed with the Court about the 'Proposed Statement on Appeal' supposed to be part of the 'Clerk's Transcript', despite the 'Designation of Record" being filed several weeks prior to " Statement on Appeal" being "settled", and hence couldnt include objections/oppositions to statement on Appeal?? That is, since the 'Proposed Statement' is due around same time as the 'Designation of Record', shouldn't anything filed in the Trial Court after the Designation of Record, or pertaining to 'Statement on Appeal' be automatically included as part of the Clerk's Transcript, or must the parties bring a motion to include docs filed after Designation of Record in Clerk's Transcript? Citations appreciated.

This is regarding a limited case, although I imagine the procedure is the same for both limited and unlimited cases, although the court rules/citations are probably different. Again citations are appreciated.

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Sounds like you're trying to file an appeal on your own. This is a bad idea.

More to the point, you're asking specific questions related to California's rules of appellate procedure. Answering those questions would be the very definition of providing legal advice, and that's not something Avvo is for. Talk to a local attorney.

Oh, and for what it's worth, "correcting" transcripts is pretty hard to do. They're intended to be definitive records, so changing them is hard on purpose. There are limited ways of amending transcripts in limited circumstances, but there are specific rules in place for those circumstances, and it doesn't sound like we're talking about one of those.

This answer does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.