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How to" joint sponsor" someone ? do i need to go with her to the immigration or the attorney ?is it a lot of responsibly ?

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I know her for a while now, she just married an unemployed USC. I have been thinking about this a lot, is it just a signature ?


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Be careful - It is not "JUST A SIGNATURE." By signing the form I-864 you are agreeing to reimburse the government if at anytime in the future the person you are agreeing to support receives public assistance in the form of cash payments from the government. You should be commended for your willingness to help someone in need but you should do so with full awareness of the real obligations you are signing onto. The following may sound harsh but it is the law....
Your obligation is long term. The terms of the I-864 will hold you liable until one of the following occurs: The person becomes a U.S. Citizen, the person earns 40 quarters in the Social Security System, the person leaves the U.S. permanently, or the person dies. Divorce or even remarriage does not sever the obligation.


No you dont have to go with her to immigration, you have to sign I-864 and provide certain financial documents. It is not just a signature and it is a financial responsibility. I suggest reading instructions for form I-864 it will give you a little more information. Good luck!


the instructions to the I-864 are very thorough. Consider working with an immigration attorney to help you through with the entire process

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It is a binding legal contract.