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How the checks consider as a proof of debit if i use it in the court or to sue someone?

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mi going to loan a friend 5000 $ . and he told me he can sign a checks under his name which will be used as a proof if he didn't pay me back my money . is there any document i can do can protect my money if he didn't pay me back ?

how strong the checks can be used as a proof for police or court against someone owe money to me?

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A check can be used as evidence of a debt. However, keep in mind that a check can represent a gift, a loan, or an investment. As such, don't assume that the check is tantamount to a promissory note or a written contract for the repayment of a loan. Therefore, it is best that you have a promissory note to reflect the terms and conditions of the loan.

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You should use a promissory note. If the debtor does not pay you as and when agreed, you will need to present proof of his/her agreement to pay a certain amount on a certain date. Another words, the legal obligation is the promise to pay you. The check only establishes that he/she received money from you, not that he/she agreed to pay you back.


A notarized contract with witnesses is probably a better bet. But if there is doubt about a person loaning money is not a good idea.


Consider going online to a free lawyer document site like docstoc and get a promissory note template off that site to get your friend to sign. Also many states require the promissory notes to have documentary stamps or doc stamps attached to them to be valid. Consult a local CA attorney. Also consider a simple contract which you can also pull off that same site just to memorialize the entire scope of the deal in writing. Good luck.

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