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How tcan I legally get my 21 year old daughter out of my house?

Taft, CA |

she doesnt pay rent, or any other bills, and I want her out of my house, she has done nothing but cause problems with my son and his girlfriend who take care of me. My daughter and her boyfriend have gotten into quite a few violent fights here, and I am tried of it, I am sick and have several strokes and heartattacks, them being here is not at all good for my health and they have refused to move out when I told them to leave. What can I do that would take the shortest amount of time?

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You can pack her things and put them on the lawn, change the locks, and call the police when she comes back.



i agree..shes not a tenant if she doesnt pay rent or bills..its the moms house and she should not have to put up with that from her child and does not have to give her 30 days..after the mom tells her to leave and she doesnt she is basically trespassing on someone elses property.


Like it or not, your daughter is a month to month tenant. That means you have to serve her with a 30 day notice of termination of tenancy. If they do not move out within 30 days you have to file an unlawful detainer action and proceed with the steps to evict her.

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