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How soon can I get my WET RECKLESS expunged?

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I was recently charged for WET RECKLESS and was assigned to two years of probation. I was wondering when the soonest I can have this expunged from my record? Also, I have a juvenile record I'd like to seal from my record but I need at least 5 years of no crime before I can file for that petition. After I get my Wet Reckless expunged, hopefully after 2 years of my probation, would I be able to petition to seal the juvenile record as well?

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As to your wet reckless you can petition the court to have the case dismissed after you have completed all the conditions of probation. This will not erase or seal your record; in that regard CA does not have a true expungement statute. In case you were thinking this would clear your DMV record it won't; DMV will always have a record of your wet, reckless.

As to your juvenile record you can have it sealed at 18 but you must request that it be sealed. Contact the probation department. I know of no rule that you must be crime free for 5 years before it can be sealed.


The soonest possible you can apply for early termination of probation is half the probationary period. After that is granted you can apply for the 1203.4. Once you are off probation you can try to seal your record but you may want an attorney if you were supposed to be crime free for 5 years.
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You must complete the probation conditions and time and then make a request to the courts.

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