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How soon can I divorce my abusive USC Husband after filing for vawa?

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I filed vawa petition a week ago, but didn't get anything yet. My spouse manages to continue "Driving me crazy", to say nothing, even though we have not been together for several months. I want to file for divorce. How soon can I start divorce proceeding and on what grounds? I want it to be as quick and painfull as possible. and definitely finaces metters also.

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You can file for divorce at any point in time. You do not have to stay married to file a VAWA petition.


You can file for divorce now. See a family law attorney to determine on what grounds. Good luck.

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Schedule an appointment with an experienced local divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

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Since you have filed for VAWA already, you can now divorce him. Speak with a family law attorney regarding how best to accomplish the divorce

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You can file today. Make sure you work with an experienced attorney, my firm handles divorce and immigration issues in NY.
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You may want to speak with your spouse to see if your spouse will cooperate in the divorce. Some lawyers will charge a flat-rate if the divorce is uncontested (no court hearings). Typically, uncontested divorces are much less costly than contested divorces (in court fighting).

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