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How soon can a parent sign over the rights to their child, and how do they go about it?

Brownwood, TX |

My ex-girlfriend and I are expecting a baby. She has said numerous times that she wants to "just give the baby" to me when she is born. Is this something that must be done after the baby is born, or can it be done beforehand?

I would also like to know the details of the process in signing rights over, including any monetary costs that may be involved. Thank you!

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The baby has to be born, then a SAPCR needs to be filed, her to sign waiver of servie, and an order entered giving you custody of the child. If you have someone able to adopt the child with you, you could terminate her rights and adopt outright. Costs depend on the amount of time and the amount of agreement you can come to with your ex. Could be hundreds of dollars, could be thousands.


There are two options, getting custody or terminating rights. Terminating parental rights is tough to do unless the parent agrees to relinquish parental rights AND the court accepts the termination.

Costs are impossible to estimate. You need to address that question to an attorney in your area.

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