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How soon after the court date following an alcohol evaluation can I expect my license to be revoked? This will be 1st conviction

Bridgeview, IL |

Also, how quickly after the 6-month suspension is up, can I request a SoS hearing for an RDP? Should I send in the request before that date? Is representation necessary for this hearing type?

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I am assuming that this is your second offense and that you have one prior DUI more than 5 years ago. If so, you will be eligible for a permit or reinstatement six months after your revocation. Before then, you will be eligible for a permit only if you can prove an undue hardship. You can request a hearing before your eligibility date, but you must request a hearing after your eligibility date. Representation is not required, but it highly recommended. You will have to have completed alcohol treatment as a minimum requirement before your hearing, and depending on your classification, you may need more than that. Your revocation will come in the mail shortly after your court date.


License will be revoked 10 days after the circuit clerk reports it to the SOS It has nothing to do with the date of your evaluation. You do not have to wait for the suspension to end to apply for an RDP since you received a six month suspension. Only 30 days.


There seems to be missing information or perhaps misunderstanding. If this is your first violation for a DUI, a conviction is likely avoidable. As Mr. Harvatin indicated, the revocation does not have anything to do with the evaluation. It sounds as if you should speak with an attorney to fully understand the process. It is also advisable to have an attorney at any form of reinstatement hearing. Many practitioners offer free consultations.