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How soon after judgement is granted will my wages be garnished?

Oklahoma City, OK |

Court date was 2/8 and next check is 2/16.

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It will depend upon how long it takes the Court to issue the Judgment and then how long it takes for the attorney to draft all the restraining orders/notices or wage garnishment documents and serve them upon the appropriate people and institutions.

Usually, it will take at least a few weeks to a month.


It's sort of up to the court and the creditor. The creditor has to submit the paperwork to the Court for a final signature. Once the Court has signed off, the creditor has to submit additional paperwork to the Court clerk to obtain the right to garnish your wages. Assuming the creditor knows where you work, the creditor must then send the paperwork to the appropriate law enforcement official to deliver to your employer.

In Las Vegas, the law enforcement officials are really busy with evictions after foreclosure has taken place. The court is pretty backed up too. My guess is that 3 - 4 weeks wouldn't be unusual before the garnishment hits you. Of course, when it happens, it is never at a convenient time!

Sorry & hope this perspective helps!

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