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How soon after an arbitrator makes a ruling that an injury was compensable does the insurance company have to pay all the TTD?

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Injury is now going on to 2 months and a week. We have a 19(B) hearing scheduled in less than a week and since even the company doctors related the injury to the work that is done in the position..does it depend on the arbitrator how soon they have to send a check to the injured employee?

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Assuming the other side doesn't challenge it on review, should be soon.

Ask your lawyer if a decision is official and whether the review was filed.

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If you have to try the case, please get an attorney to help you. Even with an attorney, assuming you win at hearing, the other side has 30 days from the date they receive the arbitrator's decision to file an appeal (Petition for Review). The arbitrators generally write and then file their decisions anywhere from 30 to 60 days after the date of the hearing. So, if you win at hearing and no review, hopefully within a week or two after the insurance attorney tells your attorney they are not appealing. If it is on appeal (review), it can be a long time since the Commission has to render its decision and then that decision can be appealed to Circuit Court, then Appellate Court, then Supreme Court (if warranted). This could be a few years which is why you should hire an experienced work comp attorney in your area.


Typically, the other side will challenge the decision (appeal), which means they will attempt to not pay until the appeal is exhausted. If you win, your award will earn interest in the meantime, but insurance carriers typically will still take a shot at an appeal to the Commission (which is a panel of 3 persons) who will review the file and decide whether to affirm the decision of the Arbitrator or not.

Have a sit down conversation with your attorney and discuss these issues with him/her. Hopefully that will make you feel more comfortable. Good luck,


Here's a brief timeline in my experience:

1)Hearing date
2) attorneys for both sides submit proposed findings 2 weeks after hearing date
3) arbitrator rules on hearing: can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days (though things have improved); and
4) other side has 30 days to appeal decision

So, it may take some time.

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If the matter proceeds to Hearing, you cannot see any money for at least 3 months. Your attorney should have explained the process.

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