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How soon after a divorce can one remarry?

Cambridge, MA |

How soon after a divorce can you remarry? Does the law require you to wait for a long period of time before remarrying?

I just want to know how soon after divorce you can remarry in Alabama.

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When the divorce is finalized, then you can legally re-marry. The divorce is not finalized at the final hearing date, however. As far as how long you need to wait before you can remarry, you'll need to wait either 90 days or 120 days, depending on whether your divorce was contested or uncontested. The judgment of divorce nisi should tell you the date that it becomes effective.



So if I get divorced in GA and say a week later I get married in texas is that legal?



why do u have to wait so long to get remarried? after a divorse


Gabe is correct. There are cases where people wed before the nisi period ends, and while this is bigamous in nature, being married after the nisi period can affirm an otherwise suspect marriage.


If you are getting a divorce in Massachusetts, then you are not legally divorced until the waiting period is over, 90 or 120 days after the final hearing. You are not divorced in Massachusetts and you are not divorced anywhere. It's not a matter of moving from state to state.



You should probably post this in Alabama to get some info on how long you have to wait before an Alabama divorce is considered final.

Good luck!


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