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How should my son plead to an MIP charge - such that we can potentialexpunge it from his record during/after arraignment ?

Cumming, GA |

Our 18 year old son was arrested in Athens, GA for an MIP - he was not grossly intoxicated, did not have any evidence of an open container, was not breathalized.
I bailed him out.
He appears for arraignment on Monday.
We financially qualify for a public defender but can't get him to Athens (he is on a schlarship in College) to fill out the request for a public defender (they do not allow you to do it remotely) until after the arraignment hearing on Monday.
What should he plead?

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Hereally needs alawyer. So you need to either hire one for him or get him a public defender at court on Monday.


Your son should plead, beg, borrow, and (figuratively) steal for the funds necessary to get a lawyer, and then should hire one. I have seen college graduates have to deal with what happened with MIP cases where they didn't hire an attorney- and they dealt with it as they were denied jobs because of it.

Hire an attorney. There are lots of good ones. Good luck.

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Unless there are very aggravating circumstances, the Solicitor's Office in Athens will allow your son to enter the pre-trial diversion program. If he complies with all the conditions of the program, which are usually paying a fine, community service and staying out of trouble for 6-12 months, the charges will be dismissed. The Solicitor also usually agrees to allow his arrest to be expunged, meaning that it won't show up on a criminal background check if he applies for a job.

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