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How should i proceed with charge of disorderly conduct 240-20(5)?

Jamaica, NY |

I am a New York city cab driver. I was dropping a passenger in queens one-way street where the passenger took little extra time to pay the fare and get out of the cab. While the passenger getting off police officer blew his siren so I got off the car to help the passenger to remove his luggage faster so I can move the car. while i remove the luggage, the officer came to me and took my license and wrote me a ticket for disorderly conduct (240-20-5). Do i have any defence

I couldnt move any faster as the passenger was getting off the car. There were two passenger and one is already out and the door was open besides the passenger was arguing over the fare being too much. I was so nervous at almost end of my 12 hour shift. Passengers fare fare dispute and police officers accusation. I couldnt move any faster besides car was just before the intersection (stop sign) nowhere to go plus there is anywhere to pulled over. I didnt want to put the passenger in a dangerous situation. I was trying to explain to the officer and his answer was "it wasn't his problem - the passengers safety or the passenger paying me the fare"

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You are charged with obstructing traffic. That is a ridiculous summons. I would fight it.... what were you suppossed to do (unless you could have moved the car over more).

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If you have no safe area or parking place to go, then you seem to have a defense. Retain a competent criminal defense lawyer to assist you.

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The problem is that a lawyer will cost you around $250 and you may be able to get the case dismissed, but if you do not have a lawyer you may have to go to court several times and demand a trial. That could cost about the same amount of money or more in lost wages and fines plus the surcharge. You should fight it and not let the officer get away with giving a ticket for this on principle alone. I have handled many of these for a very low fee and usually the case is dismissed with a $25 fine on an ACD at 346 Broadway or Rector Street Courts, but every case is different and no one can promise results.
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