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How should I proceed on a dental malpractice suit?

Boise, ID |

My daughter needed several teeth pulled before starting her orthodontic treatment. Long story, but they pulled the wrong ones. Now, her orthodontic work will take considerably longer, with much greater pain, and there is the possibility of skin grafts, etc. The dentist office took $1000 off my bill for their mistake. I have not notified the office that I am going to be suing, as I was advised by a friend to wait until all the treatment is completed - then I will know the full extent of damages. In the meantime, should I just pay the full amount? If I don't pay the $1000 that they discounted me, is that an admission that I am satisfied with their "solution" to the problem? I appreciate any help or advice you can give me regarding this issue. Thank you.

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Talk with an attorney immediately. Do not accept their offer or any offer until you do.


Why would you want this orthodontist to continue working on your daughter? Contact a personal injury attorney and be sure to ask them whether they have experience in dental malpractice claims. This is not the type of claim for an inexperienced attorney, as these claims are vigorously defended and you will need to get an expert on the local standard of care for orthodontists.

If you wait until the treatment is completed, you may also run into statute of limitations problems.

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