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How should I handle this prostitution case?

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About a week ago I was bored on Craigslist and found posting from men who were looking for college-aged girls to play the "sugar daddy" role for. I emailed a couple of them out of curiosity, and got a couple responses which I deleted when I realized I could never do that. One guy kept offering me more and more, and I, really needing the money, finally accepted. The police are now trying to charge me with prostitution, asking him to testify against me. He said he'll hire a lawyer to avoid testifying, but wants me to pay him back with more sexual favors. This is the first and last time I've ever done something like this, and I don't think I could live with myself if I ever did it again. How should I proceed? Should I go to the department and confess?

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Do not go anywhere and confess. If you are arrested work with your lawyer in order to obtain the best results. It is possible that the case could end without a criminal conviction. Good luck.

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You did not mention your age but I think you would be a client who a smart, aggressive criminal defense lawyer can portray as worthy of empathy to the DA.
Number 1, hire an aggressive, experienced defense lawyer.
Number 2, have NO further contact of any kind with Wanna Be Sugar Daddy, I mean NONE at all as this bum is trying to blackmail you.
Number 3, stay off CL and Backpage and any other site related to hookers.
I see no jail in your future. You made a mistake, that is all.
Good luck

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You need to consult an attorney. If you admit to the act, then the john's involvement is almost unneeded, so you should not cooperate, at least not until an attorney has thought this through with you.

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Marco Caviglia

Marco Caviglia


Also, have no further contact with the john.


You should not talk to the police or anyone. If you are arrested remain silent and retain a good criminal lawyer. You must make good decisions and consider the consequences of your actions. A prostitution conviction would be devastating to your future job and career options.

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