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How should I go about paying child support PRIOR to any court order?

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I have a 5 yr old with my ex boyfriend. Separated and the child is with his dad. I want to start paying child support prior to any court filings. I have heard stories of people paying and then having to pay again due to improper documentation. How can I document payment of child support (with a hostile ex) and still be able to show that I what I have paid when a court appt does happen?

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I agree with my colleagues that all payments should be traceable and verifiable years from now. In addition to noting the name of the child, month of payment and that the payment is in fact child support in the memo section of the check, I would also keep a journal and/or spreadsheet detailing the amount and date of all payments.

In addition to documenting payments, if you know how much you and the Father make in income, the amount of the payments should be calculated utilizing the Florida Child Support Guidelines.

Finally, the best way to avoid future problems with child support arrearages is to establish a child support order and pay directly to the State of Florida Disbursement Unit. With an order, you'll know the exact amount of your child support obligation; and by paying through the Florida Disbursement Unit, it will not be necessary to document your payments in the future.

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Pay by check only and write "child support" in the memo line of the check. Make sure to keep copies of the checks and download copies of the cancelled checks if your bank allows you to do that.

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You need to pay it in a way that makes it easy to prove that the payments were made.