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How should i go about getting emancipated?

Mansfield, TX |

I am a resident of Texas, currently fifteen years old, i turn sixteen November 17. After that date i plan on taking actions to become emancipated. Currently my mother is in prison (release date set for 2014) my father lives several cities away, and i live with my aunt, grandmother and my aunts boyfriend. I know for a fact they would not consent to my emancipation. My mother might, but I'm not sure if she has power to consent at the moment. I am fully aware of all the requirements i must meet in order to obtain emancipation. (i.e. Financial and social stability and a stable place of living) My question is, what is the best and most effective way to go about getting emancipated. What will i need to achieve this?

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What you need is an experienced attorney on your side. At the very least, set up a few free consultations and find out how much it would cost.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,


I agree, you will need to retain competent counsel. You may, depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, be able to request the court to appoint you an attorney. Unless your aunt and grandmother have full custody of you, they may not have the right to object to your emancipation.

My answers are not intended as anything more than an educational response to generic questions posted on this site.


As I understand it, an attorney ad litem must be appointed to represent you even if you were to hire an attorney (I have not researched this, it is just my recollection of the process).

Your mom would consent, so have her file it and serve your farther, who would then choose whether to contest it.

Your mother can prepare the forms, which you can get from the Tarrant County Law Library, and she can sign the petition before filing it.

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