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How serious is a complaint filed against a minor by a school resource officer to the juvenile court, charge sexual battery.

Jonesboro, GA |

The school offficer filed a complaint in juvenile court against my child who touched a girls buttocks The girl in turn grabbed my son's penis. Should the officer have also complained against the girl in court? Also the girl did not complain about the touching(both children said that they were playing) another student who saw them touching told the principal. Both were suspended but only my son recieved the complaint in juvenile court, not an SRO but a charge, this is his first time with inappropriate touching. Is the officer required to report a first occurence to juvenile court especially if the girl did not complain against my child.The complaint list the girl as a victim, even though she participated.What can I do to object to the charge and protect my child who is being singled out?

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Attorney answers 2


it is very serious as your son could be detained if adjudicated delinquent....the best advice I can give you is to hire yourself an attorney as quickly as possible. With regards,

P. Darrell Kimbrell


I concur completely with the previous answer provided by my esteemed colleague, Phillip Kimbrell.

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