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How room count is calculated to determine maintenance charges in a HDFC coop?

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You might think my question is stupid, ...just count the room yourself right? I found out that the room count is not as simple as adding the number of rooms. However I haven't found a definitive answer to how to determine the room count in a coop HDFC, HPD sponsored building.
I found the term zoning room and dweling unit and I am trying to see with conditions applied to construction but not to finance.
I placed this same question a few months a go and an attorney told me to look in the by laws, I see how everybody is confused about room count. But an HDFC is regulated by HPD so the definition need to be public and accesible. I have found definitions online but don't know if they are correct,
so anybody can tell me the definition of room count and the law behind it?

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You can just call the HPD offices and speak to a live person for free. No one knows their rules better than they do.

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