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How quickly do pending charges show up on criminal record/ court background check?

Virginia Beach, VA |


I was given a Class 4 Misdemeanor citation for possession of an open container in the City of Virginia Beach last Friday night. I have an expungement hearing this Wednesday morning for a different case that has lasted almost 2 years. I guess technically I'm on probation, as if my record is not spotless when they run my background check, I will be found guilty of the original offense. I was given 6 extra months for "bad behavior" due to a speeding ticket already, so there's no leniency. However, my friend had a pending reckless driving ticket that did not show up at our previous hearing. So, when my file is run, what are the chances that this new accusation (not conviction) shows up? Thanks

P.S. My lawyer completely sucks but I'm stuck with him at this point.

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Probably depends upon where and when the record check is being run. (If it's in Virginia Beach and the check is run on Tuesday, there's a small chance it could appear in time for your hearing the following day.
However, if it's someplace else outside of Virginia beach, almost no chance of that happening--in my opinion.)

M.E. Hendrickson. Esq.
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

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