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How old does a child have to be to talk to a judge in family court in Kentucky

Richmond, KY |

We have permanent custody of our grandson. Have had him for 7 yrs. Mom has us in court & has not seen him but 12 times in 6 yrs. He has been in therapy and has a dr for meds. He does not want to see his mother or her family. He has stated that to his therapist and dr many times. They have appointed an attorney for him, but attorney has not contacted us yet. He does not know this is going on, but he has said he would take a baseball bat to herhead. He said I want tot alk to the judge. He is 8. He has been abandoned many times by her and also by his dad. His dad has changed his ways and is working on his relationship with him. Mother has not called since 12/06. He will not play ball due to her showing up at ball field. He has had so many walk out of his life he is scared.

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