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How often will administration review overturn a Benefit Review Report issued by a Specialist 4 ,order for benifits for employee

Columbia, TN |

In the state of Tennessee, I was injured at work and my WC/ claim was denied because the insurance company and company deemed it not a non industrial matter based on a Dr's assumption that i had osteoporosis i went and got a w/c lawyer "Thanks to the lawyers on this website by the way"and paid on my own to have a dexa scan which showed i didn't have any signs of osteoporosis and have been out of work or around 8 months ,while the appeals worked its way up the system it took 4 months to get a doctors panel we finally had a Benefit Review Report and a order was issued for back pay and medical to be paid by employer to me but the insurance company and company have requested a administrative review of the order What's are they looking for in the review

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This would be a question for your attorney but generally it means that they are appealing the Order and are looking for the reviewing body to overturn it. In my state very few are overturned because they generally rely on the facts but talk to your attorney to find out why it is being appealed.



thank you very much

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