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How often legally can a landlord visit a tenants property unannounced?

Santa Rosa, CA |

I have a landlord that visits minimum every 2 month with out notice. I've caught him picking fruit in the backyard, stopping by to talk to the weekly gardeners (that he employs) in my backyard and those are only the times I know about. He has been on the property only twice with consent. We've only lived here 10 months and he's been to the house 7 times, again that I know about. He lives very close to house and could come by as often as he like when we're not here. I'd like to know if I have legal recourse, or if their is any tenant privacy state law on my side. I would hate to move the house is amazing. But it's beyond annoying, it's a blatent invaision of privacy.

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Generally speaking, a landlord may enter the premises only to make "necessary or agreed-upon repairs," and even then the tenant must be given advance notice in most cases.

You do have legal recourse, as this is a statutory right and the law provides monetary penalties that you can recover for each incident of unlawful entry. Try writing a letter to your landlord first, explaining that you won't tolerate any further unlawful entry and will pursue legal action if it continues. If that doesn't work, you could file a complaint against your landlord in small claims court. You wouldn't be entltled to a lot of money, but it might get his attention.