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How often is a warrant application granted in gwinnett county for simple battery?

Decatur, GA |

My friend got into a fight with another person. The other person initiated the fight and actually provoked my friend. My friend is a professional career person and has never been in any trouble at all. How likely will my friend be arrested if he gets legal representation?

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Attorney answers 2


There is no gaurantee that you friend will avoid arrest by getting legal representation. However, your friend's chances are certainly better with an attorney than without. Self-defense is a very technical defense full of exceptions. For instance, even if your friend did not initiate the fight, he might lose a self-defense claim if his response was excessive (used excessive force) or continued after the threat was gone (beat someone when they were already down), etc. Therefore, your friend needs an attorney familiar with the legal requirements of a self-defense claim.


I agree with Mr. Knox. An attorney is not a guarantee that your friend won't get arrested. But, I would absolutely recommend that he hire one.