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How often does a defendant car insurance appeals arbitration decisions? Is it 30 business days or weekend including? Thank you

Wayne, NJ |

i was hit in the rear, defendant said she was diverted from the road in the police report. I had an attorney throughout the whole case, arbitrator told me in arbitration i won the case. I left the room and kind of heard the defendant' car insurarer not agreeing with the arbitrator's decision(moneywise). My lawyer left the room then she went after him to talk to him about the case i believe so and didnt seem like she was too happy about it. I'm been paranoid about it for the past days about this. I was under my parents car insurance policy during that time. No job just school . Medical records show i have a disc hernation. Your expertise will help me calm down for the rest of the days left from the appeal timeframe of the arbitration.

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Unfortunately, in New Jersey, most insurance companies DeNovo (reject/appeal) the arbitration award. It is 30 days including weekends. If your parents policy selected the Limitation of Lawsuit threshold (Tort/verbal) it is more likely the award will be rejected by the carrier. Call your attorney and ask her about your options. There are some things that she can do to push the carrier, like filing an offer of judgment. If it is rejected, your matter will get listed for trial in typically 6-8 weeks. Make sure your attorney is prepared to try the case-that is the best way to get the insurance company to act.


You should calm down anyway. If they choose to appeal there is nothing you can do to avoid that, if not, then there is nothing to worry about. Consult with your attorney, he should still be able to advise you as to what to expect.

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It would be 30 calendar days.


Insurance companies in NJ appeal over 90% of the arbitration awards. You are not in good hands nor do they treat you like a good neighbor. They are dishonest and try to cheat injured people. You have to fight back by taking the case to trial if necessary. Speak to your attorney about it.

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I agree with the other NJ licensed attorneys. Arbitrations in NJ are little more than weak "Settlement Conferences" without even the benefit of the judge who will preside over a jury trial to pressure the insurance company to settle.

Rarely are arbitration awards not appealed even where the arbitrators are very experienced trial attorneys themselves and the arbitrator who primarily does defense work agrees that the case should be settled. As stated, relax, since there is little you can do about it any way.


Almost every case is appealed by the defense insurance company - it is so common that if they didn't reject it - it would likely be an indication that the amount awarded was too low. Don't let it bother you - you have hung in there this long, that I wouldnt be concerned about them rejecting an arbitration award. Good luck.

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