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How often do you travel across the country to try cases?

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I try to stay local for family reasons. It is also important to me to appear in front of judges who know why am. I infrequently travel out of the state. And generally it is prohibitively expensive to hire me to appear outside the state. I generally travel between Atlanta and Miami.

I am a pretty smart guy, but I do not know everything. My answers here come from the knowledge I carry around in my head--if you want me to look something up, you should come see me. Take any advice here as being general in nature. Please be careful with your life and make decisions that are smart.


Context for this question?

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My practice is limited to Florida as I am a personal injury attorney admitted to the Florida Bar. I help people who were injured in Florida accidents - but my clients can be local or from all over the world. I have represented clients from all over the States and even from other countries - it just matters to me that they were injured here in Florida.

I think most attorneys are like me and limit their practice to the state where they live; some attorneys who live on or near the borders of states might get admitted to both state bars.

I think the lawyers "who travel across the country to try cases" are rare, I would guess the lawyers who travel across country would be either highly specialized or highly public (like a lawyer with a celebrity status maybe like Jerry Spence).

But I'm just guessing. Why do you ask?

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I usually take cases in Southern California, if court appearance is needed. I have sometime travel to Northern California to assist my special clients. However, for Immigration, I have represented clients all over the world, which does not require my appearance at hearing.

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