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How often are landlords required to replace carpet?

Tulare, CA |

I have lived in an apartment for 10 years. The carpet is more than 30 years old and needs to be replaced!!! Is the landlord required to replace it at some point? All other units have been replaced but as tenants have moved out (some many times) but won't consider replacing mine. Any suggestions?

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There is no obligation nor defined time period under California law setting forth a time period when a landlord must replace carpet. Has the landlord provided any reasons why your particular apartment unit's carpet won't be replaced? Does it have to do with the amount of rent you are paying? In other words, is the landlord increasing the rent of other apartment units which have new carpet? It might be worth researching to better negotiate with the landlord.


There is no statuorty time period or duty for a landlord to replace carepet.

What responsibilities do landlords have?

Under CA Law, landlords must make sure:

■The outside walls, windows and doors protect you against water or weather.
■The plumbing and gas fittings work properly.*
■There is hot and cold running water, appropriate fixtures, an approved sewage system, and the water supply is not contaminated.*
■There is a working heater.
■There is adequate lighting and electrical wiring that meets safety standards.*
■The premises and common areas must be clean and free from pests.
■There are adequate garbage containers.
■The floors, stairways and railings are not broken.
■Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors are provided and in working order. (California law requires smoke detectors to be installed in all “dwelling units intended for human habitation.” The specific requirements may vary depending on the type of property, the number of units and the number of stories of the property).

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