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How much will it cost to hire an attorney to fight child abuse charges? My boyfriends son's mom is jealous of us and accused him

Denver, CO |

totally unfounded charge.. we def want to fight this!!

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It depends greatly on the specific charge. There are a number of different child abuse charges ranging from low level misdemeanors to high level felonies. The more serious the charge, the more it tends to cost.

Child abuse cases are among the most time intensive cases because they frequently involve a legal issue known as child hearsay which can require litigating one or more hearings with multiple witnesses just to determine what evidence is going to be allowed at trial.

Price is certainly a reasonable factor to consider with hiring an attorney but far from the only one. Many criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations. Give one or more of us a call to find someone you like, trust, and can afford. There is a wide range of experience in the defense community. I'd be a bit wary of choosing an attorney who is offering a much cheaper fee than the rest. All child abuse charges are very serious and a conviction lasts forever.

Best of luck and please feel free to call or email if you have any other questions.

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Michael L Rich

Michael L Rich


It also depends on whether they are actually talking about criminal charges or a Child Protective Services case or both. That can add an additional level of complexity. She could also be talking about family law allegations. So the father might need three attorneys or at least an attorney familiar with all three fields of practice.


The cost depends on the work done on the case. Many of us attorneys bill at an hourly rate, and you pay for whatever time the case takes. For example, if I bill at $250 per hour, and it takes me 10 hours (because we settle before going to trial) then your bill is $2,500.00. If a case is to go to trial, and take one or more days, plus the number of days to prepare, then your bill is significantly higher. There are some attorneys who take criminal matters on a flat fee, but the cost varies based on the actual crime charged.

Please consider what my colleague said as well. I am a discount shopper, and am happy to buy generic frosted flakes, because I can't tell the difference between them and Kelloggs. However, when looking for legal services, an extremely low price is sometimes a sign of inexperience, or an attorney who is unwilling to go to trial. My suggestion is on important items (Legal representation, medical care, and toilet paper) pay for the good stuff!

This legal information is provided for general legal purposes and does not establish a client-attorney relationship. Because of the limited information provided in the question, it is difficult to be certain that Counsel is answering the question correctly. You are encouraged to seek further information from an attorney directly so that follow up questions may be asked if necessary.