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How much will an attorney charge for this job? Getting negative incorrect information removed from my credit report

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On my credit report, I see a court civil judgment ($800) that does not belong to me - the name on the judgment is similar to mine. I disputed the information with the credit bureau - they came back and mention that they have verified the information with the court. I need professional help to get this item removed from my credit report. Question 1 - Will I be able to find an attorney who will be willing to get paid only if he succeeds in getting the name removed Question 2 - How much will it cost me?

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If you win a case under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the credit bureau is supposed to pay for your attorney's time. Therefore, attorneys who handle cases of this type often take cases that look good on a contingent fee basis. You may need to pay the filing fee and other out-of-pocket costs. There is no way for anyone to tell how how much a hypothetical lawyer will charge. To find a capable consumer protection lawyer near you, go to the National Association of Consumer Advocates (

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Likely cost more than judgment. Try these folks, they do this type of stuff all the time.