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How much will a divorce cost in the state of taxes if you been married for months ?

Lufkin, TX |

We only got married because he was going to the army we was living together so the recruiter told us since we have a child and live together we had to get married . Something happen and he couldn't go to the army anymore . We don't want to be married we to young so how much will the divorce be or can we get an annulment ?

I ment to say in the state of TEXAS not TAXES..

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No, again, you cannot get an annulment just because his job plans didn't Ed up working out the way you expected. Since according to your previous question you have a baby together, that's going to increase the expense of getting a divorce, unless you already have orders in place regarding your child. As to exactly how much it will cost, no one's going to be able to tell you that without knowing a whole lot more about your situation. Filing fess and other court costs usually run a few hundred dollars, while attorney fees vary tremendously depending on your specific legal needs (kids or no kids, real estate or no real estate, retirement accounts or no retirement accounts, and so on), and of course whether everything is truly agreed between the spouses or will require extended negotiations, mediation, or a trial.


Attorneys fees are going to be higher because you have a child. The family law attorney correctly states that there will be filing fees, service fees, etc. Check with some local attorneys in your area and be prepared to pay a retainer amount upfront. Good Luck!

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Depends on the attorney. Fees vary.

This answer is intended to be taken as general information and not as specific legal advice. You should always consult a qualified attorney and make him/her familiar with all the relevant facts in order to get proper legal advice.

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