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How much to request for settlement on a herniated lumbar disc? Wilkes Barre, PA

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My attorney just conatcted me and stated that the insurance company wants to know if I would like to settle my case. I have a lumbar disc hernaition, I have gone through physical therapy and injections all with no help. How much should I ask for? What is the average amount in Pennsylvania. Also, my lawyer did say they figure it by years

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This would be very case specific. It does sound like conservative treatment is not working so you must consider that you may need a surgery in the near future. There are several other factors, but the person who has the file is the best person to be asking these questions.

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There is no way that any attorney on this site can even guess as to how much you should request for settlement based on the 4 line paragraph provided. If you have an attorney already, you shoudl contact your attorney and ask how he is calculating the amoutn being requested.

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