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How much time would one have to serve on a 8 year sentence at 30%.

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my husband is in a state prison and he is serving an 8 year at 30% sentence which he has already completed 5 years of and he has another 3 year sentence which is consective. how much more time will he have to serve on the remaining of the 8 year sentence to flatten.

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Essentially an 8 year sentence stacked with a 3 year sentence, both at 30% are an effective 11 year sentence at 30%, this means after he serves 30% of those 11 years, he will then get a Release Eligibility Date (RED) to be considered for parole. To "flatten" his sentence he has to serve 7 months for every 12 months of his sentence, I believe this is called Determinitive Release.

On an 11 year sentence, his RED would be 3.3 years (39.6 months) and his "flatten" time would be 6.42 years (77 months)

But, another variable would be the underlying offense, some offenses are "no parole" or other percentages.

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