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How much time will i get for petty theft

Winter Park, FL |
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That is a hard question to answer based upon what little we know about you. If it is your first offense you might get the case dropped if you get into a Diversion program. If you do not get it in you could face probation, drivers license suspension or jail time depending on your prior history if you have any. Hopefully you do not have an extensive record and you will likely avoid jail.I would be glad to answer any questions you have and if you wish to have a free consultation, call my office at 407-228-3838 and mention AVVO and that you saw my answer and we will meet with you to discuss all of your options.

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i do have a juvenille record but it was expunged

William David Umansky

William David Umansky


your juvenile record if in this state may still be public to the Prosecutor. Call us and mention AVVO at 4072283838. take care.


It would depend on your criminal history. Call me to get more details. 407-246-0066

For more information contact the Law Office of Corey Cohen at 407-246-0066 or visit our website at


Attorney Umansky is correct. If this is a first time offense for you, you have a good chance of qualifying for the pretrial diversion program. If you complete diversion, the charges against you are dropped. If you have a prior history, then it is less likely you will be offered diversion by the State Attorney's Office. When the amount of merchandise exceeds $100, but is less than $300, then you are facing Petit Theft as a first degree misdemeanor. It carries a maximum of 1 year in the county jail or up to 1 year of supervised probation and a maximum $1,000 fine. You prior criminal history will be a major factor in determining what the State's offer will be. If you'd like a free consultation, feel free to call me at 407-412-7040.

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