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How much time will i get for a 3rd degree burglary charge theft charge criminal damage charge with only one prior?

Phoenix, AZ |

i only have one prior of shop lifting from years ago and i willingly going into court after being bailed out. i also have a recurring drug diversion program court date pendin a week after this one. any hope of regular or intensive probation?

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Attorney answers 2


You should contact a qualified criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona to answer your probation questions.


Burglary in the 3rd Degree is a Class 4 Felony in AZ. A first time felony offender can expect anywhere between 1 year (mitigated) to 3.75 years (aggravated).

MCAO is now offering special fast track programs. If you take a plea early, you may get a really mitigated sentence. The hope for probation will be up to the prosecutor, judge, and your APO.