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How much time is mmy fiance looking at?

Lake Elsinore, CA |

He's being charged with violation of probation(felony), revocation hearing(felony) and threating phone calls (misdameanor)

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There is not enough information here to answer. His attorney should be able to figure it out. It mostly depends on how much time he was looking at with the initial charge(s). You probably don't have that information and quite honestly, he may not know either. So much depends on what he was found guilty of and of his previous criminal history.


There are a lot of different factors that have to be considered before providing an estimate about what could happen. A felony probation violation could result in county jail time or state prison. Some of the variables to be considered involve the probationers progress on probation, number of violations that have occurred while on probation, and the reason for the violation. If there is a new charge accompanying the probation violation, then there is also potential for increased punishment apart from the probation violation. Before giving an assessment as to "how much time" an individual in this situation is looking at, I would suggest a free consultation.


If the probation sentence was suspended, then the suspended sentence. If the revocation hearing is a parole hearing, then add a year. Add another year for the misdemeanor. That's a good guess based upon the facts provided. May be less, may be more. Good luck.
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You to supply more information about the underlying felony. Clearly, the misdemeanor has a max term of one year, but its unclear what he's "facing" without more detail, most of which shouldn't be shared in a public forum. Best plan is to consult an attorney privately or discuss the matter with his current attorney, if he has one.

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