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How Much Time Is Expected From Commiting Armed Robbery?

Phoenix, AZ |

I live in Phoenix Arizona & my husband just got charged with armed robbery. He got caught with an accomplice who ran off & got caught later on, he stayed didn't attempt to run or anything, he has been cooparating with the cops in everything. Also the weapon they used was a fake toy gun, nobody got hurt in the process, he has no prior criminal history, this is his first offence. What's is the minimum and maximum prison time that I should expect him to get? Will getting the help from a good lawyer do any good?

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There are just too many variables. You should discuss this in person with a criminal defense attorney or the Public Defender, as the case may be.

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Please take a look at my website. I am a certified criminal defense attorney and it would absolutely behoove you to hire a competent attorney for your husband as he is facing serious charges. Please call my office if I can be of further assistance.

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If it is charged as Armed Robbery, a class 2 DANGEROUS felony, then the sentencing range is 7 to 21 years in state prison. The gun being a toy, alone, does not change that it is an Armed Robbery. But it might change if it is dangerous or non-dangerous. If your husband stayed and cooperated, that might mean that he confessed. If a person confesses it is extremely difficult to prevail at trial.
This is just a small amount of basic info. I do encourage you to consult with several lawyers about this.
These remarks are not intended as legal advice. This is just informational.

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