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How much time does two counts of aggravated robbery carry.

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First major crime he has. He has one prior charge for simple possession of marijuana but has never been into any other trouble.

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Each count (if no prior felonies) carries up to 12 years, to serve 85%. So could get up to 24 years.

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Mr. Ferguson is correct. Also, the charge of Aggravated Robbery is a Class B Felony, which carries a sentence range of 8 to 12 years at 85% if he has no more than one prior felony conviction. The facts of the case, as well as negotiation with the District Attorney, could determine whether the sentence for each count would run concurrently (at the same time) or consecutively (one after the other). These are very serious charges and I would recommend you consult an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Focus your energy on retaining an experienced local criminal litigator that can help exonerate him or find and bring to the court's attention mitigating information.

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