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How much time do you get for a third degree felony in prostution?

Jacksonville, FL |
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There is no exact answer to your question. Felony solicitation has no minimum sentence and a maximum of five (5) years. What someone is likely to receive depends on many factors:
Plead guilty or found guilty after trial?
Facts of the case?
Prior record?
Recommendation of the prosecutor?
Judge's outlook on life?

A person may get time served, probation, or some period of time in the county jail, up to a year. If the case is egregious, or if the prosecutor is aggressive, or if the judge has personal predilection against the crime, or any combination of these things, a person could conceivably receive prison time of more than a year, up to five years.

I have an office in Jacksonville - If you give me a call, we can discuss who the prosecutor and judge is in your case and maybe narrow that down a bit.


Mr. Mosca's answer is correct, and to add my two cents, regarding Mr. Mosca's list the Judge may be one of the more important factors. I practice in Orange County, and there are several judges that will give you jail time on this case because they do not believe that prostitution defendants can handle probation (very high violation rates...). There are also judges here (very few) that think prostitution is a waste of their time as it should be a legal activity, and thus their sentences tend to be terms of probation with no jail. Find out who your judge is and call Mr. Mosca's office immediately!

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Someone who has been charged with felony prostitution for having a third or subsequent prostitution charge, then under FSS 796.07(5) the person charged must be offered a pretrial intervention program or substance abuse treatment program. This may be an additional option for you, if this is your situtation.

I agree with Mr. Guidry and suggest that you go see Mr. Mosca immediately.

Good luck.