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How much time do forgery charges hold in pa bucks county

Sellersville, PA |

This person has never been in jail but has other forgery charges that she originally got ARD for now she will be sentenced on them too. The forgery charges also has 4 other charges with it that I think commonly come with forgery, something bout identity, she basically stole a check from her mom and cashed it the check was for 600 dollars the check for the ARD charges was only for 40 dollars and that one never got cashed

The prosecutor said that since she is pleading guilty the two top charges that where felony 2s I believe not positive if its 2 will be down graded to misdemeanors. I'm hoping for a 3 to something sentence since bucks seems to release everyone on there minimum and she's been sitting for a couple weeks, she didn't appear for her date that's the date before the sentencing date prelim I guess I get arraignment and prelim mixed up she went to the first date missed the second date and is being held on the warrant status ugh, I just want my girl back. All of these charges were obtained while using is there anything that she could do that the judge could see that would maybe reduce the minimum

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This person's attorney would be in the best position to provide an opinion as to the sentence. Certain sections of the statute are felonies which would suggest that a period of incarceration is likely.


Every case is different. I think max sentence for what you describe would be 7 years but with a decent attorney it could even be straight probation or house arrest. Get to an attorney ASAP!


Jail is a possibility especially if your in bucks county common pleas court.

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Your friend should hire a criminal defense attorney at once to determine her best course of action and how much time she is facing, which cannot be evaluated from the facts you have provided. Good Luck.

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difficult for any attorney to answer without more info. its like asking a mechanic, there is a buzzing noise in my engine, what is wrong with my car? my guess is probation or a little time in the county jail. if she has a drug problem, she may get sentenced to a program.

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