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How much should i ask for if me an my daughter were passengers in a car accident

Winder, GA |

i suffered a knot to my head an my 1 year old daughter was unharmed. the insurance company claimed it was a 50/50 claim so both parites are supposedly at fault

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Has a neurologist reviewed your condition. Before you do anything you need an answer on just what injury if any you have experienced.

If you have an injury that is serous you should speak with a lawyer about representing you.


You should definitely consult with an attorney with experience handling cases involving head trauma.


I recently joined AVVO so you may have already resolved this issue.

First, let me say that I'm sorry to hear you and your daughter were in an accident. I'm glad that your injuries were not more serious.

Without knowing more about the facts of the collision it's difficult to address the insurance company's declaration of 50/50 fault.

You are in a good news /bad news situation however. The good news is that you were not injured more seriously. The bad news, from a monetary perspective, is that the less the injury, the less the insurance company is likely to pay. You should be able to recover your medical bills and perhaps a few hundred dollars for the bump on your head, assuming the insurance company changes their liability decision.

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