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How much should I ask for compensation if my son was injured with a malfunctioning toy?

Monroe, WA |

My 3 year old son was playing with a toy fire extinguisher squirt gun. Pressure, or something built inside it causing the handle to explode in his face, leaving a scratch on his cheek. I have contacted the manufacturer and have been asked how much money I want for compensation. My son did not seek any medical attention. I am unsure of how much money to ask for.

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It's not an easy question to answer, but ultimately it should be enough to compensate for something that was painful, and that will take time to heal.

Consider reaching out to a few personal injury attorneys in your area for more information, however, I suspect you will be able to handle this on your own.



Thank you. I figured it was a pretty vague question. I have contacted them in hopes that they will come to me with an offer before I discuss what I would like. Thank you again.


Fair compensation depends on the nature and extent of the injury. Sounds like this was (fortunately) very minor and I assume won't result in any permanent scarring, in which case it's not worth much. If I'm correct, the case is probably not worth more than a couple hundred dollars. I'd say ask for $500 and see what they offer.



Thank you so much. I have responded to him with email. Asking for an offer. If he comes back again with asking how much I will shoot for 500 and see what he offers. Thank you again.


Unless you took him to a doctor and there is a scar, it would likely not be worth much, so it is your call.


Without medical attention and only a small scratch, your damages are rather small. Perhaps ask for $500 and see what happens?

You can help other people by reporting this problem to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

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Considering your son did not seek any medical attention for any injuries , his claim, in theory, is not worth very much. I would suggest you contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation to discuss the facts, further explain your potential claim and determine the "value" of the claim.

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