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How much of your Social Security Benefits can you lose to child support, in California?

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up to half of your social security retirement pay can be garnished to satisfy a past due child support obligation. Under certain circumstances, your local department of child support services has the ability to issue an administrative order to withhold from this benefit without the need to go to Court to set the amount of the payment required. If your obligation is being enforced by the DCSS you should seek to reach an agreement with them over what you owe and what your payment plan on the same should be in light of what your income will be should you elect to claim your social security at 62. If you can not reach an agreement with DCSS then you can apply to the Court to resolve these issues.

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Anyone receiving Social Security disability, and subject to a child-support order, may have his benefits attached or garnished for child-support payments. The court that holds jurisdiction over the divorce decree and child-support order must first issue an order advising SSA, which will deduct the monthly amount from your disability payment.
In California up to 50% may be deducted.

Dependent Benefits

Dependent children of a Social Security disability beneficiary may be eligible for dependent benefits. The beneficiary must apply to SSA, which subjects each household to a maximum amount of family disability benefits. A court handling a child-support case may consider the family benefits paid to the children as child support, up to the total child support obligation of the non-custodial parent.

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