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How much of a deposit do i need on a pre-forclosed home or a forclosed home loan? in NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ |

I dont have much money so I need to know what type of loan is best. i already live in the home i want to buy. the home is in another name right now. any advice would be great. i dont want to leave my home.

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It depends on the deal and your credit score. You can sit with a mortgage broke that can prequalify you. I know one that can get you approved before you find a house subject to appraisal.

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Not a legal question, that is a question from the bank you will be trying to get your loan from. If you buy it at auction you should expect to have a sizeable (20 percent) deposit in cash or cashier's check on you at the auction.

When you ask 5 or 10 questions on the same topic, you are probably showing you need an attorney. There is just too much in the complicated transactions that come with this kind of transaction.

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