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How much of a defendant's bail am I responsible for?

Los Angeles, CA |

the fulll amount of bail is 75,000 and i paid 10% at 7,500. my question is if defendant
does not appear in court am i then legally responsible for the entire 75,000 or just
the 10% amount of 7,500 ?

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Do you mean you made a $7,500 cash payment towards the bail amount? If so, then should the defendant skip on bail, you will not get your $7,500 back. You should consult your own lawyer to protect your legal rights.


I assume you paid a bail bonds company. Even if the defendant shows up to each and every court appearance, the 10% you paid to the bonds company is gone. That was the cost of having them put up the rest in order to get the defendant released from custody.

If they fail to show up, the bonds company will get their bounty hunters to track him down. You, since you signed the contract with the bonds company, may be responsible under your contract for the cost of investigation to track down the person that skipped bond.