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How much notice does a landlord have to give before showing up to your residence?

Bakersfield, CA |

my landlord shows up every other day is this legal?

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CA law requires the landlord to give reasonable notice (24 hours is reasonable) before entering unless it is an emergency. Landlord can enter to make repairs, perform inspection, and show property to prospective purchasers or tenants if your lease is coming to an end.

Every other day sounds like too much. Maybe landlord is lonely. You are within your rights to refuse entry, but there is a fine line between standing on rights and getting landlord mad at you.

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That is not the right answer to this question. The question is, and is my question much notice before showing up, NOT entering the property, but actually just coming onto the property? My landlord just shows up as she wants to plant flowers and weed, meet friends and service people...and she NEVER gives notice. She drives onto our driveway, too fast, and zips down the end of it and works in the yard for hours. She urinates (and I would imagine deficates) on the property and sometimes gardens topless...(we have not witnessed any of this, she has told us that she has done this). How should I handle her?