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How much money to invest in order to get a US Citizenship or a Green Card?

Sandy, UT |

If i am not a US citizen or a green card holder, but visted United States on bussiness visa, how much money should i invest to get a US citizenship or a US Green Card?

Appreciated in advance. Ravi

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The minimum investment is $500,000. To discuss this in more detail feel free to contact my firm for a free consultation.


In addition to the information in the previous response, note that the Employment-Based Fifth Preference Category (EB-5) contemplates some instances where a minimum investment of $500,000 is required, and others where $1,000,000 is required.

There also exist E-visas for investment-related nonimmigrant immigration benefits. There is not a specific minimum amount of money that must be invested, but instead the amount that must be invested corresponds to details about the business in which the investment is made. For example, an investment in a manufacturing business may require a very large amount of money for purchasing or leasing manufacturing equipment, but a consultation business may require a much smaller amount of money for such things as an office space, computers, etc. In some situations, an investor may succeed with an investment of even less than $100,000.

For both immigrant visas and nonimmigrant visas, beyond the amount of money to be invested there are multiple other threshhold issues to be considered for eligibility, and there is no substitution for consulting with an immigration lawyer about this.

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