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How much money do i have to make to sponsor my husband?

Garfield, NJ |

I am about to file petition for my husband to get him green card.
How much money do i have to make to do this?
Can we include his income also?

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USCIS determines sponsor qualifications based on Poverty Guidelines that can be found on their website. The required income of the sponsor is dependent upon the number of people the sponsor is supporting within the household including the intending immigrant. Sponsors whose income does not rise to the required level may use certain assets to meet the income requirements. If your husband's income will be used to determine eligiblity, he will also need to complete the supplemental Affidavit of Support form. You should be cautious about including income your husband earned without proper work authorization unless waived.


the answer would depend first on how many people are in your household. secondly you need to make sure that your income is at least 125% of the PG. you may get I-864P from the forms section of the USCIS site. if your income is not enough, your husband's income may be used if certain conditions are present.

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