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How much money can i sue for a personal injury?

Bremerton, WA |
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There is no maximum in Superior Court or Federal Court, although other courts do have maximums (e.g., District Court and Small Claims Court). But an experienced personal injury attorney can review your case and give you an initial estimate as to how much your case may be worth. When filing a personal injury law suit in Washington, state statute actually prevents you from listing a dollar amount in your formal complaint. The vast majority of personal injury cases settle. Many settle before a lawsuit is ever brought; and where a lawsuit is filed, most settle before actually going to trial. Under most circumstances, a lawsuit must be filed within 3 years of the accident (assuming we're dealing with injury due to negligence).

You should talk with an experienced personal injury attorney. Almost all PI attorneys will speak with you to discuss your claim free of charge.


There is no maximum in an unlimited jurisdiction court in California where I practice. If that is the case in Washington where you reside, there is no maximum for a personal inury case.

However, the question is dependent upon a lot of factors. What are your injuries? How much are your out of pocket tangible costs? Is the injury permanent or will you have a quick recovery?

Consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction to make this determination.

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The question isn't really how much can you sue for, it is how much can you reasonably expect a jury to award. You see, no insurance company in the world is going to pay an injured person any amount that they don't believe a jury will make them pay eventually. When analyzing the amount I will ask the insurance company, or a jury, to award, I have to take a long hard look at my client, the case, the way my client's life has been affected, the types of injuries suffered, and most importantly, recent jury verdicts in similar cases.

The truth is that there is no real way to answer your question without knowing a lot more about you, your case, and your injuries.

I also recommend that you speak to some experienced personal injury attorneys who can perform the above analysis.

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Good Luck!


As indicated by the prior answers, there is no absolute limit on the dollar amount of a damage claim for a personal injury action. The better question is what is the amount of damages you can prove?

You may find some useful information on my website to help asnwere this question, or you may want to consider a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can give you an evaluation of your claim. Like most personal injury lawyers, I offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

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