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How much longer till I get my settlement check for auto accident pain and suffering?

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My insurance company is saying that there is another driver who hit me and not the person who car was registered to. The drivers insurance company already offered me the full policy and never mentioned anything like this. Now the process is delayed further. I cannot understand why this would hold up my insurance company's consent to pay the drivers policy. It would seem to have to do with making a claim on my underinsured?

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It is not abundantly clear under your facts from what the hold-up results. The owner of the vehicle is responsible, and it appears there may be some argument beween that insurer and the driver of the vehicle' s insurance carrier. It is also unclear if you are doing this on your own or if you have an attorney. You could consult an attorney.

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Call the insurance company to find out what the delay is.


Call the insurance adjuster and get an explanation.

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The adjuster from my insurance company says they believe there was another driver involved and not the insured driver. He left the scene. Now it seems this is another delay. The driver's insurance who offered me the policy never said anything about another driver.